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During Your Juice Cleanse

During your juice cleanse, it's important to maintain a consistent pace so that you don't get discouraged or fumble your cleansing momentum. Here are some tips that will keep you going strong.

CONSISTENT PACE - Stay mentally motivated by finding a steady rhythm so you don't rush yourself. Patience is a virtue. Remember why you chose this path and remain dedicated to cleansing.

WARM MORNING BEVERAGES - It's recommended to drink something warm in the morning and at night, particularly on an empty stomach to stimulate your body into breaking down any fats or oils in your body. Tea with lemon is a good option for this. If you don't have tea, then water is fine too. 

NO STIMULANTS - PLEASE refrain from any vices. This includes sex, alcohol, cigarettes, or any type of stimulant. Your body needs to purge, not to add any more chemical imbalances during this period. 

CURB ORAL FIXATION - You may want something in your mouth since you are liquid fasting. If the urge to have something solid is overbearing, feel free to eat a hydrating piece of fruit like watermelon, an apple, or even a piece of lettuce to curb the oral fixation. Stay strong! This period is only temporary.

RESTRICT STRENUOUS MOVEMENT - Your body is healing and needs rest to do its full work. Also, you will not be eating as much as your body is used to so it's best to not do lots of movement so you can retain the energy you have. 

ELIMINATION - Your body will be detoxing, which means that you will stink! That is a great thing. That means you are detoxing. So you should make sure you are bathing regularly to keep the skin clean as pores push out toxins and to go to the bathroom often since your body is cleansing itself. Don't wait or hold it! Lastly, be sure to brush your teeth as we tend to detox from our mouths. Pro-Tip!  Slow deep breathing helps to eliminate toxins from the lungs and oxygenate the blood, giving you energy!