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Covid-19 Prevention

Dear Customer, 

We understand that the world is full of paranoia and fear around this entire pandemic. We'd like to extend our deepest sympathies if you've been adversely impacted by coronavirus or by this era of panic. We've entered a strange time that's unusually difficult to describe in much positive light at the moment. Many of us are rightly concerned and focusing on the health and well-being of our loved ones while doing our best to carry on with some level of normalcy.

We understand that safety is your top concern right now.

We all share responsibility in slowing down the spread of this thing together without putting a stop to absolutely everything we do. We are taking this very seriously at Treehouse Juicery. As a juice company, we already maintain an extremely high standard of safety and quality control. Although we are already extremely confident in the safety of our products, we will be taking additional precautions within our Packing and Shipping Department.

We are taking extraordinary measures to ensure that the outside of our bottles and shipment packaging remain sterilized once handled by our staff. 

Here's what we're doing now:

  1. Nitrile gloves are to be worn at all times when packing and taping boxes for shipment and are to be changed frequently.
  2. Face covering is now required at all times in our shipping department.
  3. Ice packs are sanitized before being laid down in our insulated liners.

In the name of health, wellness, safety, and peace of mind, we acknowledge and adhere to the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) protocol to follow steps in providing a safe and healthy workplace. We have taken extra precaution at the forefront of our assembly to keep clean, sanitized, and disinfected throughout each and every stage of juice production, labeling, packaging, and shipping. 

Safety was, is, and will always be our very highest priority. Much love during these strange times,