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Pre-Juice Cleanse Instructions

To enjoy a more pleasant cleansing experience and avoid those serious detox symptoms, we recommend a pre-cleanse before embarking on this journey. This period will consist of eating less solid food and drinking more hydrating beverages. Read below to see which category fits you best to help determine the pre-juice cleanse time frame. 

HEALTH NUT: You naturally are a clean eater and have regular bowel movements but something in you is encouraging you to reset, whether you ate something over the weekend that you regret, or you want to flush something out asap! 1-2 days of hydrating and fasting should do the trick before committing to the juice fast.

SNACKER: You might be all day or late-night snacker; so your body isn't used to pooping at a set time. So it's time to reset and give your body a rest to start fresh. Give yourself about 3 - 4 days to eat clean and snack on fruits if your cravings are that strong.

YOU EAT IT ALL: If you know you have a terrible diet, and you can't stop craving sugars and salts, then you need to hydrate, and stop eating meats, dairy, starches, sugars, and processed foods immediately. Replace that junk with whole fruits, veggies, teas, water, and salads for up to 7 days before going completely liquid juice fast. Give your body a needed rest so your bowels can release all of the toxins, parasites, and mucoid plaque that has built up inside of you.