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How We Built Treehouse Juicery

Treehouse Juicery is a healthy alternative that the whole family will love. Why pull through the drive thru or grab a snack from the vending machine when you could have a delicious and nutritious juice? No matter what your goal is, we have created tasty juices with  fresh ingredients that will help you reach your health goals! We have spent years perfecting our juices to ensure that there is a drink for everyone!

Lost 100 Pounds From Cleansing 

It all started with a life-changing decision. Co-owner, Todd, was just a year out from graduating college and realized he wanted to make a change in his health in order to have a promising future. After being overweight and suffering from resulting health problems, Todd knew he needed to make a change to his lifestyle. Todd decided to go vegan and introduce a diet of raw fruits and juicing. The results were life-changing — he lost 100 pounds within the first year.

Made The Best Cold-Fresh Juice Possible

Two years after graduating college and still on his health journey, Todd met his now-wife, Nichelle. Inspired by his weight loss from juicing, the two began working on new recipes to create juices that weren’t only amazing for the body, but tasted just as good. After working on creating recipes within the kitchens of their own homes, the couple began to give the juices to friends and family who loved the juices and the positive health changes that it added to their lives. Thus, Treehouse Juicery was born!

Educating The Community

At Treehouse Juicery, Todd and Nichelle believe in giving back to their local community through donation and education. They are passionate about teaching community members about the benefits of clean eating and nutrition. Treehouse Juicery knows that finding healthy options can be inaccessible for many people living in food deserts. These food deserts lack the necessary access to nutritionally dense food so Todd and Nichelle make it their mission to provide juice to their local communities in order to help everyone  live a healthier lifestyle.

Received CCBC Business Innovation Grant

Recently, in a contest of over 160 participants, Treehouse Juicery won $20,000 from the Center of Business Innovation for their pursuit towards giving people healthier drink options. In total, they have been awarded $60,000 from other competitions due to their special juices. Treehouse Juicery knows that they have something special to offer and want to continue growing their company to reach as many people as possible.