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Thank you for checking our page out. As you may or may not know, Treehouse Juicery is a mission-driven company. We pride ourselves on not just creating delicious and nutritious juices, but on supporting and providing food, healthy juice, and clothes to families in need, specifically, those in food deserts and low-income communities. We are very involved in our community and have donated our surplus juices to many families in need thus far. We are in the stages of creating a non-profit called "The Treehouse Juicery Foundation: Supporting Children in their Own Backyard". We have also donated our compost to TALMAR, which is a therapeutic garden focused on rehabilitating mentally challenged individuals.  

As a growing company, we maintain passion to giving back to our community. We are almost prepared to assist in bringing more care package deliveries to homes, vending events, and donating compost to more local farms. Our only hurdle is having an adequate refrigerated van to transport the goods to each recipient. With a small donation, we are confident that we, as a community, can reach our target goal to acquire the most suitable vehicle for transporting goods to families in need and for farm donations.

In hopes that our family, friends, customers, and supporters believe in this vision that is greater than us, we have launched a GoFundMe page for monetary donations to be accepted. If we hit our goal, we will post the video of hitting our goal and of acquiring the refrigerated van on Instagram Live for all of our supporters to celebrate with us. The link to the GoFundMe page is below


We are very excited to give everyone the opportunity to grow with us and continue to watch our journey as we venture into some very fulfilling work. Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow our page on Instagram @treehousejuiceryonline

 To donate food items and clothes, please message us at support@treehousejuiceryonline.com to arrange a pick-up. We accept Non-perishable item i.e. canned foods, boxed foods, blankets, gloves, clothes items, toys and perishables i.e. fruits, vegetables, milks are accepted.***


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