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I'm Todd, co-owner of Treehouse Juicery, and I wasn't always into juicing, I used to be very unhealthy in my college years. In 2012, I suffered from obesity, hyper-tension, gastric ulcers, and I was only 21 years old. 

It was a few months before graduation that I embarked on a vegan lifestyle with habitual juicing of fruits and vegetables that led him to losing a total of 110 pounds and free of health complications.

Since then, the lovely yoga enthusiast named Nichelle, co-owner of Treehouse Juicery, and I joined forces and we both helped build a powerful brand and alternative fast-food option that all people can enjoy, whether their goal is to lose weight, need internal cleansing, or just want a delicious drink.

Since launching our concept and proving it to be a need for health-conscious individuals, we've made it our mission to launch community initiatives to educate people in impoverished areas the benefits of clean eating and juicing. Food deserts lack the convenient access to nutritional sources of food. Our solution is to be involved in the community to better serve people where they are.

Recently, we have been the the grand prize recipients in CCBC's Business Innovation Grant Competition, which helped us build our brand.

We are here to prove that a plant-powered diet CAN be satisfying, energizing, and undeniably delicious. We craft fresh and cold-pressed juices you can feel good about; The kind that brings positive energy that carry you through the day. We have a taste for every bud and it's something you'll never stop craving. 


- Todd, co-owner, Treehouse Juicery